Into the unknown...

New year, new newsletter. Let's try something together.

Hi! If you're seeing this in your inbox, that means you were subscribed to the TwoPM Mailing list. Most likely because of The Thin Silence or The Song of The Fae. We've moved to Substack from MailChimp and plan to start actually writing more about our thoughts on games and our process, as well as keeping you in the loop about what we're up to.

If that sounds good to you, stay tuned! Otherwise, feel free to unsubscribe, I hate "out of the blue" emails myself.

Welcome to 2021.

A year of less rules, less promises and more freedom of action. Maybe. I guess that sounds like a promise.

Ricky and I have been making games for a long time now, TwoPM was formed in 2016 to release The Thin Silence but before that we were Voltic and we were several things before that again... All the way back to 2005. In all that time we've been very private about our process, our thoughts and our opinions.

But, over time, TwoPM has started becoming something more than a name and a logo that we stick on our games.

We've been heading this way for years. In 2018 I wrote a "business plan" for how to turn TwoPM into something more. A community, a clear voice, a place to learn. Almost none of the specific steps I wrote in 2018, or 2019, or 2020 have actually come to fruition but the direction we're heading has never been clearer.

TwoPM is a place for people who are really interested in games. Not just playing them, or how they're made but why we make them and how they make us feel when we play.

For a long time I couldn't articulate that and even when I got close, I got too scared of being judged online for my pretentious opinions. In 2020 the single largest lesson I learned was to just say it. If you're wrong, someone will tell you and then you have new information to act on to have better ideas..! All it takes is confidence and thicker skin.

I had to decouple my self-worth from the reaction my work gets online.

And, as I have tried to do that, good things have happened! I went from a few hundred twitter followers to over 1500 and made some great friends along the way. The Song of The Fae demo has been downloaded thousands of times and wishlisted by 800 people on Steam.

So, after all this time, we're just getting started. Please subscribe if you want to hear more from us about what we're thinking about and working on. And please, as always, feel free to reach out here, on twitter, via email or discord!

✌️Ben (@vivavolt)