Launch Day!

SoTF is officially in Early Access. Phew.

For patrons: Firstly, a warm welcome to our newest patrons. Thankyou so much for supporting our work!

🎉 we did it! The Song of The Fae (SoTF) is officially in Early Access. Phew.

Buy the game ($10USD)

What does this mean? Well, it means we need your support & feedback. After almost 3 years of work during nights, weekends and spare moments we have a build of SoTF that captures our vision of the game. But is it complete? Hell no.

SoTF is a highly replayable, procedurally generated game. Currently it has three biomes, two bosses an assortment of enemies and challenges to overcome. All in all a winning run will take 20-30 minutes (though I suspect it'll take you a few attempts 😉). We intend for this to increase in length and breadth but it will remain a one-sitting kind of game.

Once we've dealt with the launch-day bug reports we will start working on the first content update. This will likely feature an additional biome and boss along with increased unit & map variety.

As we grow SoTF we need players (like you!) to help us find the fun and refine the overall design of the game. We've still got a long path ahead of us and we appreciate every one of you who comes on this journey with us.

The game is launching at $10 USD with a 10% launch discount. We plan to increase the base price as the game approaches a 1.0 release, this means that SoTF is currently the cheapest it will be for the foreseeable future. So, yeah, buy it? Please?

Buy the game ($10USD)

As with any game launch we expect some of you will run into bugs, you can report issues to us via the Steam community and our Discord.

Please be patient with us, we have very limited time to work on the game but rest assured we will read all posts and prioritise fixing bugs ASAP even if we can't respond to everyone.

Aside from bugs, we'd also love to see any cool moments you have in-game so please share them with us via the Steam community, Discord or Twitter.

For those of you who (for whatever reason) feel compelled to support us beyond buying + playing the game, we also have a Patreon.

If you're already a Patreon supporter you will have access to the game on automatically and you can redeem a Steam key from itch if that's your platform of preference.